NNC7 Radio

The NNC 7 internet radio is a project of the National Nutrition Council Region VII and its media network, the Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development 7 (MIND 7).

This website airs NNC’s existing broadcast materials and other promotional resources to encourage more people particularly those who are not reached by the MIND 7’s local broadcasting to practice proper nutrition.

FeBaNuSA 7, Inc. conducts 2nd session of BNS mentoring

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Bohol wraps up the year with 18th Provincial BNS Summit

Bohol, Philippines – The day before typhoon Odette made its landfall in the province, the Provincial Government of Bohol through the ... See more

R7 Nutriskwela team monitors Radyo Kahimsug

Barili, Cebu- The National Nutrition Council Region VII Nutriskwela team conducted an on-site monitoring of Radyo Kahimsug on 21 January 2022. The ... See more

NNC7 conducts the 1st Regional Management Conference s 2022 in the mornings of January 27-28, 2022

the following agenda were discussed during the meeting;
💚Nutrition Program Planning & Policy ... See more

Get to know about Operation Timbang Plus

Malnutrition in children is a major problem our country is facing. According to UNICEF Philippines, “Every day, 95 children in the Philippines die from ... See more

NNC 7 2022 planning, A newcomer’s perspective

Another year has passed since the pandemic started in 2020, and 2021 was solely focused on the vaccination drive for the population, but 2021 for sure ... See more

NNC7 joins the online orientation!

The NNC held recently an online orientation on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation for personnel of its regional offices. The objective is to ... See more

Ready na ba kayo pabakunahan ang inyong mga little ones aged 5-11 years old laban sa COVID-19?

Sabay sabay natin alamin ang lahat tungkol sa pediatric vaccination sa pagbabalik ng inyong paboritong ... See more

Knowing how to read a Nutrition Label at the back of a product is a step closer in achieving optimal health. More beneficial to individuals who have health problems already.

Don't just look at the ... See more

Be mindful of too much fatty food also. As they can contribute to health problems.

Tip: Instead of deep fried food (pinirito), try stir-fried (ginisa) food since this contains minimal oil in ... See more

Good morning everyone!

Start your day by losing those extra pounds/kgs to achieve that new year’s resolution of your road to a healthy life.

Tip: Minimize consumption of fried/fatty/oily food. ... See more