What is NNC?

The NNC, as mandated by law, is the country's highest policy-making and coordinating body on nutrition.

NNC Core Functions:

  • Formulate national food and nutrition policies and strategies and serve as the policy, coordinating and advisory body of food, nutrition and health concerns;
  • Coordinate planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the national nutrition program;
  • Coordinate the hunger mitigation and malnutrition prevention program to achieve relevant Millennium Development Goals;
  • Strengthen competencies and capabilities of stakeholders through public education, capacity building and skills development;
  • Coordinate the release of funds, loans, and grants from government organizations (GOs) and nongovernment organizations (NGOs); and
  • Call on any department, bureau, office, agency and other instrumentalities of the government for assistance in the form of personnel, facilities and resources as the need arises.

What is Mind 7?

Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development 7 (MIND 7) is a group of media practitioners (TV, radio, print, internet) from the commercial media organized through NNC R7 in 19 November 2010.

Now on its 8th year, MIND 7 continues to help sustain regional efforts for nutrition advocacy and promotion by spearheading the production of different broadcast-ready material that can be used to promote correct and up-to-date nutrition information and distribute to members and partners.